"Don't Let Your Guard Down"

Safe Apparel- The key to Operating Room (O.R.) Success

The Operating Room is one of the most critical links in the healthcare chain. It is here that hospital images are enhanced or damaged, surgeons reputations built or marred. It is here that safety for care givers and good health for patients can either be ensured or neglected. All of it depending on the level of precautions taken and safety procedures implemented during the operation procedures.

One of the key aspects of safety in the O.R. are the medical gowns, drapes and safety apparel for providing operating room personnel everyday protection against bacteria and liquids and preventing infections to patients, surgeons and those assisting them. The right choice of safety apparel helps build a quality image for the hospital, eliminates the risk of contamination for the surgeon while protecting his reputation and ensure good health for the patient. Which is why when it comes to the O.R. there is only one safety motto-

Don't Let Your Guard Down.